the MFL Challenge Prizes:

We reward your hard work! Each week, Monitronics will highlight a "Moni Moment of the Week" for a dealer's outstanding performance. Weekly winners will receive a $200 Visa gift card to take your team to lunch.

Check out the Moni Moment of the Week Winners:

Winners are posted every week. Check back often!

Week 3 Moment of the Week: ENTER COMPANY NAME HERE

Week 3 Honorable Mention: ENTER COMPANY NAME HERE


Week 2 Moment of the Week: Global Home Technologies

Week 2 Honorable Mention: Greenbelt Home Solutions


Week 1 Moment of the Week: Premier Tech Security

Week 1 Honorable Mention: Wombat Ventures


Congratulations to our 2014 mFL winners:

The winners will receive tickets to the NCAA FB Championship game in Dallas!

Elite Conference (EC) Winner: Assurance Alarm!

1K Conference (1KC) Winner: Security Investments!