Introducing ASAPer!
We are pleased to announce that, on January 1, 2017, we will roll out our ASAPer program to new MONI customers, along with a soft launch to friends and family. ASAPer is revolutionary software that allows us to resolve alarms faster than ever. When an alarm goes off, in addition to MONI calling the contact list one-by-one, an invite to a group chat session is sent to the customer’s contact list immediately via text or email. We are excited for the enhanced experience our customers will receive and for the added feature you can use during your sales presentations. This is yet another step towards making MONI and its Authorized Dealer network the industry leaders in smart home and residential security, and we look forward to the value this new rollout will bring.
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Increasing our Online Reputation
Increasing our Online Reputation
As part of our plan to generate positive news about MONI and its partners, and to combat negative online reviews, we have implemented several Online Reputation Management initiatives over the last few months, including employing a new public relations agency, revamping our review response policy, and distributing surveys throughout key points in the onboarding process to capture feedback and solicit positive reviews. This is part of a larger strategy to be more transparent, trustworthy and accessible to our customers, which reflects positively towards our dealers and other partners. We’re thrilled about the progress we’ve seen and look forward to reporting more encouraging news in the future.
IoT Breakthrough Award
MONI Wins Prestigious IoT Breakthrough Award
MONI was recently selected as “Connected Home Security Company of the Year” by the IoT Breakthrough Awards! The IoT Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, technologies and products in the IoT market today, as decided by a panel of experts within the IoT industry, including media, analysts, journalists and technology executives. This recognition is yet another confirmation that MONI is among the market leaders in smart home technology and we are excited for what this means for the future of our brand!
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MONI Makes a Difference!
Thanks for Helping MONI Make A Difference!
We are so proud of our dealers, who have come together to help their local communities throughout this holiday season. At our Dallas-area headquarters, MONI's 1,100 employees collected almost 30,000 items for local families in need! Our dealers also showed dedication to giving back, helping to raise truckloads of food for their local food banks. Congratulations to Alliance Security and Envision Security for winning the top spots for items collected. MONI will donate an additional $2,000 to their local food banks!
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Service Job Surveys
We Want To Know What You Think
In an effort to expand our marketing content, we are asking you to provide a testimonial about your experience doing business with us and the value we provide. Leave your comments, and please review us on Facebook. We are happy to return the favor!
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Dealer Care
Let’s Stay In Touch
We are always excited to hear about our dealers’ achievements, business wins and industry updates. Give us an update so that we can showcase your success!

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